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Children and adults 45 minute lessons available

My curriculum includes instruction in:

  • Technique: Finger agility, speed and strenght; hand position, etc.;
  • Literature: Classical from Bach to the present day, pieces by Bulgarian composers, characteristic pieces depending on  students  interests  and skills;
  • Prima vista - Be able to pick up a piece of music for the first time and play it;
  • Interpretation;
  • Enjoyment of music!


Sol-fa, theory and harmony

  • preparatory to applying  for the Academic of Music.


Why Music Lessons?

 There are additional benefits of musical study as a child:

  • The Mozart Effect: Children who study music get better grades;
  • Builds self-esteem;
  • Develops initiative;
  • Encourages creativity, self-expression, and communication;
  • Develops a sense of responsibility for behavior and effort;
  • Prepares a foundation for other artistic endeavours;
  • Develops attention span and concentration level;
  • Develops visual and aural memory;
  • Encourages time-management and organizational skills;
  • Gives confidence in facing new situations and challenges;
  • Assists poise.

 Benefits for musical study for an adults include:

  • Sweeping general knowledge of music;
  • Being able to play or sing at ease;
  • Developing appreciation to enhance the enjoyment of music;
  • Preparing a foundation for pursuit of other artistic endeavours;
  • Building skills that can be used in musical ensembles, shows, choirs, and at home;
  • Building confidence and ability to speak and perform in public.



New students: A new student must schedule an initial audition or evaluation in order to study at Ars Musica School. If taken in, the new student may try a lesson at the monthly plan rate before decideing to continue. The individual fee for this lesson is due at the end of the lesson. The new student should be prepared to let the teacher know his or her plans within 3 days of the probation lesson to reserve the time slot.



Regular Weekly Lessons - The Monthly Plan

 1.The mounthly plan is for all students interested in taking regular weekly lessons in piano. By participating in this plan, you receive a reserved slot on regular weekly basis.
 Note: Each stutent can always contact the teacher to arrange a new weekly time slot if his or her regular shedule changes. If somebody wants a permanent lesson change, the teacher will facilitate this process.
 NB! For children! The regular shedule is heartily recomended!
 2. There are no lessons on national holidays.
 3. If a student is over fifteen minutes late for a lesson and has not phoned to let the teacher know that he is still coming, the lesson time is lost and the teacher may leave the office.
 4. If a student does not take lessons for a month, his/her slot may be filled with another student.
 5. Payment for each calendar month should be received by the 1st of the current month (cash or cheque). Please plan to pay for a month of lessons either at the last lesson of the preceding month. Payment should be for every slot taking place in the month ( excluding national and school holidays).


Lesson Etiquette

  • Students should arrive on time and be prepared for their lessons.
  • Students arriving early for their lessons should wait in the waiting room until the apponted time.
  • The school teachers ask parents, siblings, and other adults not to stay for the lesson, as this can be distracting for the student. Exception to this rule for one parent can be made.


  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain assigned materials.
  • For piano students: Students should have access to a piano for daily practice. Seating must also be arranged so that the pianist,s forearms are parallel to the floor.


Sofia, 113, Georgi Rakovski str, fl.3, ap.10

0887 381 461



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