General Questions:

 1. Where is your school located?

 The school is located downtown, at 113 G. Rakovski Street, near the National Opera

 2. Can I have lessons of my home?

 I am not a travelling teacher, so you have to come to my school for your lesson. Mostly, these requests come from parents who are dealing with scheduling issues. While I understand and sympathize with the difficulties involved in coming to my school, I teach exclusively in my school for a variety of reasons:
- Children have an easier time for concentration in a different place.
- Distractions are minimized and lesson time maximized.
- I have all my music books and teaching materials on hand for easy access.


3. Do you teach the piano to adults?

Yes, I teach! You are never too old to learn something new.



 4. How old does my child have to be to take piano lessons?

This answer varies from child to child. The youngest age I am accepting is six years old. Please, make sure if your child might be ready for piano lessons.



5. I have never had lessons before and I am a absolute beginner. Will you still teach me?

Yes! You can start at any point of your life to learn the piano, and I am always excited to work with beginners.



6. I am not sure that I need lessons, or you are the right teacher for me. How should I know?

If you are still unsure after looking around my website and talking with me on the phone, you can take probation lessons. They will give you a better idea if we work well together and if you think I can help you meet your goals. All probation lessons are offered at the "monthly" rate and are free of commitment.



7. When are lessons available?

 Lessons are usually available from 8.30 am to 17.30 pm, Monday- Friday.



8. What is involved in the initial audition evaluation?

The audition is a time for me to get to know a potential student and assess their current skills. A typical piano audition could involve basic musical activities for a beginning student, or playing of a previously learned piece for a continuing student. Audition generally lasts fifteen to twenty minutes and is free of charge.




     Piano Questions:


 1. What method do you teach? 

I do not teach one particular method. In creating my curriculum, I combine different materials to maximize the learning process, and I am always interested in incorporating my students, musical interests.


2. How do you teach the piano to younger children?

 I use a combination of fun games and activities to give each child a solid musical foundation. I try to break up the lesson into many different segments to keep each child engage and focused. Most of all, I believe that music should be fun and lesson should be a time to look forward to each week. I am less interested in fast progress and more interested in creating a positive musical experience and solid foundation for children.


3. What is included in a piano lesson?

Piano lessons included technique and literature, as well as sight-reading, interpretation, and theory. We usually start a lesson with technical exercises and then move onto pieces, with theory interspersed throughout.


4. How do I know if my kids should take piano lessons?

Piano lessons benefit children in a variety of different ways, so the important thing is whether a child is interested in music. Observe your child and see if he or she is drawn to pianos or enjoys singing and dancing. Ask your child if he/she is interested in having piano lessons. If he/she shows no interest, perhaps his/her creative energies are best developed in another activity, such as dance, drama, or art.


5. What is my role as a parent in music study?

Parents play a very important role in music lessons for young children. Lessons mean a total partnership between the child and the parents. Parents are recommended to take keen interest in the piano lessons and share in the learning process at home. Parents must supervise practice and read directions to the student.


Sofia, 113, Georgi Rakovski str, fl.3, ap.10

0887 381 461



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